Hearts of Cooksville

Hearts of Cooksville by Heart Comonos, is a project aimed to tell the story of those who live, work and/or play in Cooksville-Mississauga! Inspired by Humans of NY, we are searching for hidden gems within our community that we can shine a spotlight on! These stories will be featured on our social media. 

We will conduct a 15 minute interview and ask you questions about your background story, what you are passionate about and what gifts and talents you may have.  If you would prefer not to answer a particular question, just let us know! We want to make you feel comfortable!

Heart Comonos is a nonprofit organization in Cooksville, Mississauga that engages with residents on a grassroots level. We collaborate with individuals and organizations to create projects, events and programming that contribute to the many dimensions of wellness. Check us out at www.heartcomonos.ca and linktr.ee/heartcomonos for more information! 

Heart Comonos is people coming together in the Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area to share their ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge and life experiences.  We partner with individuals and organizations to create projects and activities that support the multiple dimensions of personal and community wellness.

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