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About Us: Our Team

Hardy Steinke
Executive Director

I am passionate about living with our minds and hearts always expanding!  I love to learn by reading, webinars, podcasts, and conversations. It all has something to do with our evolving spirituality, relationships, the beauty of being alive and making the world a more loving place for everyone.

In addition to beaches and beautiful gardens, my other favourite places would be cafés where we can go heart-to-heart about what we’ve been thinking, feeling, and doing lately.  Married to Cindy, we have 3 adult children with partners, all amazing, and 5 darling grandchildren!

Nicole Bonder
Community Engagement and Volunteer Manager

Life’s journey is about the people who walk with us. Whether it’s our family, our best friends, or our colleagues, their lovely impressions remain uniquely in my spirit as I go through life. These experiences shape who I am today. So why not cultivate deeper connections with those whom we cross paths with every day?  How about beyond the neutral way that we're used to greeting our neighbours? My journey at Heart Comonos left an impression on me to embrace community wellness by incorporating true fulfillment and balance. 

I spent most of my life growing up in Cooksville, completing all of my schooling right in the core of Mississauga. Sometimes, it was hard to make those genuine connections with my very own neighbours.  But I sense I'm not the only one feeling this way. 

My main areas of study include Theatre and Psychology! I love the intersection between the two, because I find that through art we can appreciate and discover the human psyche. There, we find our deepest desires and passions. CURRENTLY ON LEAVE

Christine Bennett
Executive Advisor

I am a life-long resident of Mississauga.  Growing up, the only shopping areas were in Cooksville, Applewood and Port Credit, and only 25 years ago, there were cows in a field just a few miles from where I live now and horses were pastured near the Square One location.  My how things have changed! My favourite thing about living here is the diversity found not only in my neighbours but in the food, culture, arts and shopping available here.

I like to stay current with local, national and international news, and love being involved in my local community. I have a special interest in issues surrounding mental health.  I caught the travel bug early and like to explore new cities and countries – it doesn’t matter where in the world I go – any place new is exciting.  In my spare time I like to do yoga, garden, read, paint and attend live theatre.

Kartik Bishnoi - Event Planning and Marketing Manager

A digital nomad who loves to travel the world(currently up to 50+ countries) Single parent to an always hungry pomeranian. People person, someone who strives to always see the positive in situations and who firmly believes that everything occurs for a reason. 

I love to act and perform theatre because it challenges me to represent many parts in real life and offers me a method to express my feelings. 

I am a Marketing & Event Specialist with a sense of creativity, resourcefulness, and competence. I like to keep myself organized and am always interested in learning new methods for accomplishing tasks. 


Heart Comonos is people coming together in the Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area to share their ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge and life experiences.  We partner with individuals and organizations to create projects and activities that support the multiple dimensions of personal and community wellness.

Suite #166, 2325 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5A 4K4
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