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About Our Name

HEART COMONOS - The word "commons" has captured our imagination! It offers such a compassionate contrast to much of the conflict, division and inequity we feel in our world and communities today.  Commons is rooted in Latin, conveying the concept of owning and sharing together.  The actual word is "communis" - where "comm" means together or sharing, and "unis" means ONE: "Together As One"!  So we created a word that combines the Latin and English: "Comonos".  We love it and this is how we approach everything we do. 

We're always curious about what possibilities might emerge when we connect.  What benefits could happen when we see ourselves not as separate individuals or organizations, but rather as One, sharing and building supportive community together.  Heart Comonos is all about seeing the positive outcomes when our uniqueness and many diversities come together to make life better for everyone!  We felt this just a few years ago on an August Sunday afternoon in the heart of Cooksville.  A few people from several organizations met together and the possibilities for a more hopeful future started to glow in our hearts.  You are invited on this beautiful journey!

We engage at the grass roots level with residents and friends of Cooksville-Mississauga. 

Here are a few of our guiding intentions: 

  1. We connect people! Loneliness and isolation leaves a trail of brokenness that touches all of us. Something special always happens when people get together.  A friend is made, a solution is found, hope and possibilities emerge. That’s why we facilitate connections among residents, organizations and institutions.
  2. We empower people! Every citizen has so many unnoticed gifts, talents, knowledge, experiences, hopes and dreams. Together we create activities, programs and projects that make life better for everyone. We seek out untapped human treasures and spring them into action!
  3. We inspire wellness! Mental health struggles, social inequities, accessibility concerns, relationship conflicts and economic stresses can create cycles of loneliness and isolation. Our approach focuses on the individual and recognizes that life quality encompasses  psychological, physical, economic and social dimensions. Take out any one, and there are consequences that ripple into society. We believe each of these factors are indispensable in a thriving community.

Heart Comonos is people coming together in the Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area to share their ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge and life experiences.  We partner with individuals and organizations to create projects and activities that support the multiple dimensions of personal and community wellness.

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Suite #166, 2325 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5A 4K4
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