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The story of Cooksville goes back to 1809.  Cooksville was one of the first villages of Mississauga.  A community of blacksmiths, local shops, and a major railway station were found at the forefront of the town.  Immigrants were the generators - creating a strong economy that flourished - from brick-making,  to oil refining, and winemaking.  The town had many lucrative retail stores along Hurontario and Dundas streets.  Eventually, it became recognized as the first City Centre, with a Town Hall and a central library.

Cooksville today is a neighbourhood at the core of Mississauga, south of the Square One Shopping Centre area, with the major intersection still remaining as Hurontario and Dundas Streets!  Cooksville is also a community with very high rates of recent migration.  Two thirds of residents were born outside of Canada.  Sixteen major languages are spoken, including Urdu, Polish and Arabic.  It is home to more than 50,000 residents from a wide range of unique diversities.  People come from all across the world to live here!  Take one glance at the neighbourhood and you will find restaurants, hair salons, local businesses, and grocery stores that supply goods and services from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and experieneces.  You will most likely find what you are looking for here, right in this gem, in the beating heart of Mississauga.

The new Light Rail Transit (LRT) will run right along Hurontario Street, and bring thousands of people through Cooksville every day.  The future of Cooksville is continuously blossoming into a more vibrant and lively community.

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Heart Comonos is people coming together in the Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area to share their ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge and life experiences.  We partner with individuals and organizations to create projects and activities that support the multiple dimensions of personal and community wellness.

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