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We all have a longing for connection. Many people experience loneliness and isolation and together, we are on a journey to create a more connected supportive community of Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area.

At Heart Comonos, you can share your ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge, friendship and life experiences. Everyone is seen, heard and valued. We create activities and projects that start with the individual and affect real change in the vibe of the community. Do you want to make a real difference in peoples’ lives and our community? Let’s inspire wellness, as we gather hearts, minds, and souls together.




We have an exciting and growing number of projects, including:

At Heart Comonos, we want your ideas for new projects! We believe that successful projects come from the heartbeat of individuals and the community.

Friends and Partners:

We’re all in this together for the common good of everyone. Working with local individuals, organizations and institutions we address the spiritual, psychological, physical, economic and social dimensions of well being. We work together to create and support initiatives involving the Arts, Education, Recreation, Wellness and Culture.  Please join us!

Take Action:

Want to take the next step? Get involved by attending an event, joining a project, submitting an idea, and more...

Heart Comonos is people coming together in the Cooksville-Mississauga and surrounding area to share their ideas, gifts, skills, knowledge and life experiences.  We partner with individuals and organizations to create projects and activities that support the multiple dimensions of personal and community wellness.

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